Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sweet Gum Bottom Antiques

I have a been crazy busy the past two weeks!!! This past weekend, my brother & I had my parents a 40th wedding anniversary party. It was a lot of work, and I was worn out, but we had a great time and so did they.

Let's get back to my fun in Andalusia...

About a quarter mile up the road from the bed & breakfast we stayed at was an antique store. We went to check it out Saturday morning, and ended up spending the night!!!! Well, we didn't stay in the antique store...although we could have. The couple that owns the antique store also owns a bed & breakfast, and a lodge. It was quite a place!!!!

The bed & breakfast is right across the street from the antique store.
It is filled with fabulous antiques...go figure.
The owner had two old houses moved here. One for the B&B and the other for the antique store.

He renovated both of them himself. I wish I could find a house like this just sitting around!!!

Look at that door!!! I absolutely loved it!!!!

Each room was decked out in antiques. I love their use of color!!!

This room was a beautiful shade of blue....kind of hard to tell from these photos.

A vibrant yellow sitting room

Dining room

And a precious yellow and green kitchen!

I wanted to move here....or I did until I saw the lodge!

There was a small guest house out back

It had one bed, and a bath area. Perfect size!

One last look out that fabulous front door! Looking back across the street sits Sweet Gum Bottom Antiques and oh how sweet it was.

We were literally here for hours! I had to take it all in. There was so much to see. The prices weren't bad either. I loved it so much that I decided when I get a house I will be back with two truck and two trailers!!!

Columns, mantels, bed posts,

That is the original front entrance to the house........you don't see a lot of old houses around here with entrances like that.

The wood on the walls of this room came off the owners land. He had some trees cut after they received hurricane damage, and reused them on the walls here.

In the kitchen area there were all sorts of dishes and gadgets

jars, cups, saucers

I loved the old quilt on the wall, and check out that old picnic set at the end of the table.

They had a vast collection of old post cards, and greeting cards

This place also had one of those fabulous old doors

This old mantle was great...but it needed some tlc.

This room reminded me of an old mercantile store

This room had old perfume bottles, hats, mirrors, linens....

all the frou frou stuff

look at all those old linens

Out on the back porch, there were old kettles, tools and bottles.

This piece was great

Now I am sure there are people that love old photos....but old photos of people you don't know creep me out. Yes they look neat, but do you really want photos of people you don't know hanging in your house??? I don't.

There were books, books & more books. I dug through all of them!

I loved all the old cars! Just so much to see!

Out back there was an old barn.......

...and if I thought I was excited in the house...I almost fell over when I got to the barn!

I got soooo excited I didn't even take but a few photos. I had to put them camera down and DIG!!!! Look at all this old junk!!!! I could hear the angels singing!!!!! And then I turned around...

...and there were all these old doors!!!! There must have been 300 + old doors and windows there. There was stuff everywhere. Old sinks, bath tubs, stair rails, mantels....everything a junky like me loves.

All of these old windows were under the house....oh the things I could do with these!!!!

I thought this place was amazing...until I went to the lodge on the back of the property. Once I go to the lodge, I didn't leave....and tomorrow you will see why!

Hope you all had a great 4th!!!


Lona said...

Oh what a great place April! I just love old things and antiques. I would have been going around and around in that place looking at everything. Glad the Anniversary went well.

Becca's Dirt said...

Well what did you buy? If you didn't buy anything it's because you didn't have the money or you just didn't look. I could spend the day in there and come back with a truck full. Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad.

Darla said...

Dang it! I can't imagine it getting any better that this, bring it on!

Karen said...

Oh, wow!! I can only imagine the joy you had rummaging through all of this stuff. And the bed and breakfast was amazing with all the stained glass windows and the lovely furniture. I wish I lived closer, I be there in a heartbeat. Thank you for taking us along!

Kim and Victoria said...

Wow! Looks like you had waaaaaaaay too much fun!

Serena's Secret Gardens said...

OMG it looks great i could spend hours looking through all that stuff!!
Pardon my ignorance but in Australia we have bungalows or Granny Flats, is that what you mean by a lodge? Either way I love that place its gorgeous.

Carmen Keller said...

OMG!!! Thanks for inviting me to your BLOG, it's FANTASTIC! I've been missing all my favorite shops since moving here and I'm so happy you shared this with me! I say we play hooky from work one afternoon just to shop :-)!

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