Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hickory Ridge Lodge

After I meandered around the antique store and the bed & breakfast, the owner told me he also owned a lodge that was on the back of his property. He told me to go down and look at it and see if I liked it. "Liked it" was an understatement! I LOOOOOOOOVED IT!

You drive down a dirt road, back down into the woods...

and the lodge sits across a pond. There was a rear entrance in the back for loaded and unloading.

It was absolutely gorgeous. After a hurricane several years ago, the owner had several acres of trees that were damaged from the storm. He had them cut down, and sent to a lumber yard. He built this entire place from trees off of his land.

We were lucky enough to have the whole lodge to ourselves.
They rent it out by the room or you can rent the entire lodge.

Everything about it was spectacular. Since the owners also own the antique shop, they had some amazing things inside this lodge. One of them was that door....ya'll know I love old doors.

The view from the front porch steps

The porches were huge. I could just imagine having all of your friends and family gathered around that porch enjoying a barbecue.

Or just enjoying the serenity

Look at this little cart and that birdhouse. I loved the birdhouse. Come to find out that my cousins, boyfriends, uncle lives in Andalusia and makes those birdhouses!!! I have to get one.

When I walked inside, I was flabbergasted.

I just had to stop, stare and take it all in. But I never really did. By the time I left the next day, I still hadn't taken it all in. This room was the center of the lodge. It was a huge, open room with the living and dining area combined with the kitchen.

EVERY window and EVERY door in the lodge are old windows/doors that the owner has collected. No two doors in the house were the same.

The kitchen cabinets were old file drawers. The owner said he has them for years and never could sell them, so when he built this place he decided to use them for the cabinets.

All of the sinks were old cast iron sinks. I loved them. I would love to have sinks like this. He sells these sinks at his antique store. He sells pretty much about everything you see here in his antique store.

The laundry room also had a sink it in along with an oven.
You could bake a cake and wash clothes at the same time.

Each bedroom was different. I wanted to go around in sleep in each one!!!!

There were several huge old signs throughout the lodge. This one was in one of the rooms.

This was my bathroom. I was sold on this sink....sigh...I lust love it. I loved that stained glass window in the wall above it even more. There was a claw foot tub and a shower in this bath as well.

Love Love Love it!

Lets go upstairs now...

I'm already liking what I see.

A whole loft up here!!!! And another awesome birdhouse. There were 4 rooms upstairs.

Down the hallway were 3 more bedrooms. Notice the light in the hallway!!!! An old train light.

I know ya'll are tired of hearing me say this...but I love these doors!!!! Wait to you see those windows!

These windows came out of an old church that was torn down.
They completely make this room if you ask me.

Mantles were used quite a bit for mirrors over the lavatories. Pretty neat idea!

This is on my "Must Have" list!!! I think it is an storage piece from a doctors office. It was completely metal and worked great in this bathroom!

This bedroom just seemed happy to me. However, I noticed there were no blinds in any of the rooms upstairs. So I don't know how "happy" I would be when the sun started to come up and I was trying to sleep!!! Other than that....the room looked happy.

Look at that old weathered door!!!! It looks happy in this room.

This is the bathroom. Most of the rooms had a shower & a tub or just a shower.

I loved the simplicity of this headboard.

Its just an old railing and columns. Simple!

Out on the back porch there were two more large dining tables, and a big red bench to relax on.

A nice little sink, and a screened porch.

When I got ready for bed that night I noticed this....and it just made me smile....

I thought it was sweet. I am definitely going back soon, and this time I plan on taking the entire family.


Darla said...

Been wondering where you have been...this place is dreamy girl! There are many things here I would love to have as well. Thanks for the tour.

FlowerLady said...

Wow, what a wonderful place and made from wood on the property too. It would be hard to leave there.


Becca's Dirt said...

That great big ole porch is awesome. I could live on the porch. What a great place. I love all of those old antiques too.

Karen said...

What a fantastic tour of a wonderful place. The stained glass windows caught my eye right away and the file cabinets for kitchen cupboards. Love the idea. This is a view I would have never had if not for your post. Thank you!

Kim and Victoria said...

I like your post label as "Places I Love". This certainly fills the bill for you. Just lovely!

Lona said...

Wow, April what a fantastic place.I would feel so at home there. It is good that he was able to use the trees and what a beautiful place they made.

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