Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sweet Gum

I have wanted to stay at a bed & breakfast for as long as I can remember. A few weekends ago, my best friend and I decided to take a road trip. We started out at the Sweet Gum Bottom Bed & Breakfast in Andalusia, Alabama. It was fantastic. The innkeepers were so hospitable. I felt like I had known them for a while.

The owners purchased the house in July 2000. The house sat vacant for 20 years, some 30 miles away in Evergreen, Alabama. The house is believed to be built in the late 1870's.

The house had never been renovated and while it sat on it's original site, the roof and two side porches were removed. The front porch was taken down in sections to preserve the trim work. Then the main body of the house was cut in three sections.

Over a six week period, they pieced the house back together. 249 spindles wrap the front porches.

Sweet Gum Bottom hosts a lot of weddings and get togethers,

and they have quite the place to host them. There is a small church and a reception hall on the property.

The lawns are impeccably landscaped.

I sat outside on Saturday morning and enjoyed a cup of coffee. It has rained the afternoon before, and it was cooler and less humid than it normally is.

The inside of the house is a sight to see....or atleast for me it was. The floors, ceilings, walls, doors, hardware, etc are all original. Can you see how gorgeous that ceiling is?

There are four rooms to choose from, The Kennedy Anne Suite

Lindsay Paige Sweet

Laura Leigh Suite

Bethany Dawn Suite

The dining area

and then my personal favorite.........

aahhhhh.....the porch!

I love, love, love this porch! It was so cozy!

I loved this precious swing, and it looks like it would be fairly easy to build (fairly easy being the keyword here LOL!). It is upholstered in burlap, and has brass tacks.

Then there is that big, comfy day bed swing....that I also must have.

We had a wonderful breakfast. Breakfast came in three courses. This being the first....and there is no photo of the second course because I scarfed it down and then thought about taking a picture of it. Sorry!
But if ya'll want to envision it...it was blue grits, eggs with sausage, bell peppers and cheese, rolls, and a beautiful orange daylily.

But this was the third course. It was this cute, tiny little chocolate mousse like desert. It was wonderful!

So if you are ever in Andalusia, and need a great place to stay, this is one you need to see. The fun doesn't stop here though....this is just the beginning of our adventures.

So this week I will share with ya'll another bed & breakfast, a spectacular lodge and some great antiques.....all right there in Andalusia.

So I hope ya'll will come back ;-)

See ya'll soon


NotSoAngryRedHead said...

Gorgeous! It really says Southern Charm.

Peggy said...

Oh you really picked a gem of a place to stay in! We have lots of B&Bs around the country but nothing to come up to that standard, it would be counted as a Country or Period house here and would cost much more to stay in.

Darla said...

What a charming bed and breakfast! Beautiful grounds and that porch is awesome!!

Kim and Victoria said...

So nice to see you treating yourself. And what a treat! That place is gorgeous! Have fun!

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

What a lovely property to have turned into a B and B. Perfect :)

Karen said...

What a wonderful transformation of a house that stood vacant for so long. I wish I had their talent at remodeling. Loved all the suites, don't know which one I'd have picked. Glad to hear you are having some fun! Look forward to the next post about your adventures.

Anonymous said...

The house is beautiful! Did you add any of the romantic options? This would be a great anniversary retreat!

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