Thursday, March 11, 2010

Summoning My Inner Dirt Princess

I finally planted seeds...2 weekends ago! I am just now getting around to posting about it.
Most of the seeds I planted came from other garden bloggers! I got so many from the seed swap. Remember this year to SAVE YOUR SEEDS! The seed swap was so much fun! I got some amazing seeds! I still have more to plant, I hope to do that this weekend. You can click on the photo above to enlarge it, and see the seeds close up.
The greenhouses are working well! The Dirt Queen told me that Wal-Mart is now selling the same greenhouses for $39. She bought her two as well!
I save old coke crates, plant flats, and plant starters all throughout the year, so I will have them when I plant seeds.
I also ordered 300 2" peat pots. At the time I thought that was too many, and I would never use them. So I gave half to the Dirt Queen. Needless to say, the day I planted, I had to call the Dirt Queen and go get my peat pots back....sorry Mom! I still needed more. Next year I will order 500 just to be on the safe side!
I picked up these T-Labels from Wal-Mart to mark my plants.
Here are some of the seeds I saved from my plants. I had THREE jars of Zinnia seeds! Ridiculous! I will be giving most of them away. So if you need zinnia seeds let me know, and I will be more than happy to send you some!
At the end of the day (which was dark at that point) the greenhouses were full.

I just went out there to check on my little seedlings, and most of them are already coming up. The Zinnias and Dwarf Morning Glories have been up for a few days. I will post them later on. The greenhouse has really forced them to germinate. I have been keeping the flaps down during the day. It hasn't been above the 70's, so I just unzip the flap and let it breathe, but keep it down.

I made such a mess planting seeds! I was covered in dirt from head to toe! I desperately need a potting shed! That is on my to do list!


Darla said...

A Dirt Princess has to be covered in dirt silly!! You got a lot accomplished..I can't wait to get outside and directly sow into the garden some more...that's the best way for me...didn't your plant arrive yet, and yes with even more seeds, ha!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Hi DP! Wow you have been busy girl! From the pictures you sent you have been really tearing up the back yard. It is looking so good to. Back breaking work but when you step back and see what you have accomplished it is so satisfying and worth the money you spend on BenGay. LOL! Isn't it fun.Those Dwarf Morning Glories do sprout easy. I loved the seed swap and hope more of the gals save some this summer for next fall.If I fail on the first zinnia seeds you sent I will be asking for more LOL!

Becca's Dirt said...

Aren't you the busy little bee. Great job getting them all done.

Where did you get the peat pots from? They look like 3 or 4" pots - the perfect size.

I'll be potting up a lot this weekend as well. Gotta get me one of those greenhouses.

Nezzy said...

Ya, all covered in dirt....doesn't it feel grand! I was able to work out in my gardens yesterday...woohoo! Gotta love the dirt!

Have a beautiful day gettin' down and dirty!

Anonymous said...

Oh Zinnia seeds - I just bought a small packet of these at the supermarket with the idea of starting some indoors..... I'd love a huge swath (is that even a word?) so if you've got extra's I'd be happy to give them a home.
m l a n g l e y @ a c g i . c o m

Stephanie said...

Your Coke crates are cool! DP, I think you can have an international garden later :-D Happy gardening!

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