Friday, April 19, 2013

Feed Them and They Will Come

When I lived at my old house, I fed the birds all the time....and never had a one!!!!! I would go to my neighbors and they would have birds every where. I finally gave up and stopped wasting bird feed.

About 3 years ago I bought this bird feeder from a garden show. It has been in the box since then. We moved into our house last Spring, and I didn't do anything out in the yard since I was pregnant. Now I have the fever and am working on sprucing it up! Anyway, back to the bird feeder. My husband finally put it up a few weeks ago. We also put out 3 bird baths.

Out of no where......there were birds....lots of birds! Birds I had never seen before!!!

This place is like a bird sanctuary...its crazy. We have a big field behind our house, so I think they like that. We also have a huge live oak, and several pecan trees.

I'm not a bird expert, and I honestly don't know what some of the birds are, but I like them. I took these pictures last Sunday when it was raining. The birds didn't seem to mind

I do know that these are Indigo Blue Buntings and Yellow finches. This isn't the greatest picture....I had to sneak outside...and I got part of the house in the picture. That would be the big blurry thing on the right side....oops.

A yellow finch perched in the pecan tree.

The other day I had just finished making a new flower bed, and sat down. I always keep the camera outside with me, because you never know what may show up. I took these next set of pictures in about a 15 minute time frame.

Don't mind my gloves and towel in the picture. I laid them over the gas tank to let them dry out. They don't make for the prettiest picture. I wasn't really thinking about photo back drops when I put the bird bath there.

One of the yellow finches became a casualty to our cat, Casper. I haven't seen any of them since then. I don't know if they have migrated, or she just scared the stew out of them? The other birds don't seem to care about her.

We put out 6 hummingbirds feeders also. So far, no hummers have showed up. Our weather here has been pretty crazy lately, so that may have something to do with it. Hopefully they will show up soon.


Carol said...

I get so much joy from my feeders. They have really been busy this spring. I am filling all 4 every day. We have had a few hummers but not many yet. Have a great weekend! Carol

Lona said...

Well you have plenty of birds now April. I love the Blue Buntings. We do not have then here but I saw my first one in Virginia last summer and thought they were so pretty.
I remember all those daffodils you dug up from your Grandmothers place. Yes you need to get some from those you gave your to for your new home and garden.

Becca's Dirt said...

I love birds too. I have only 2 feeders and a bird bath I purchased in the fall. I just haven't been successful in getting any photos of the birds. I know you must be enjoying your new gardens as you get them going.

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