Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm still here.......

I have just been extremely busy!

These 28 kids are one of the reasons. In September I started working at a night school for high school kids. They came to school Monday - Thursday from 4 -9pm. They didn't attend their regular schools during the day, instead they came at night. They were at risk of dropping out, and possibly never graduating. At this special program, they worked online to obtain credits they needed to graduate. When they are done they receive a high school diploma and get to return to their original schools to graduate.

Let me just say that when one door closes, another door opens and you never know what is behind that door. I don't have a back ground, or even a degree in education. My degree is in Interior Design. I took this job at the time because I needed it. I have learned so much from these kids. They taught me as much I as taught them.

In January I took a second job. I was working Monday - Thursday from 8am-8pm. I would go to job #1 from 8am-1:30pm, and then to the school from 2pm - 8pm. On Fridays I worked job #1 from 8-5. It was draining. Thus the reason I haven't blogged liked I would like to.

Those kids mean the world to me. They made my day, made me laugh and made me cry.
One in particular.....

"P" (as we will call him), made me laugh, and cry in the same day. When I started, I had a co-worker Mr. "M" that knew this kid very well. He was trying to help him graduate. The only problem is that you actually have to come to school to graduate, and "P" really wasn't up to that!! Mr. "M" had a wonderful relationship with  "P", and did anything and everything he could for him. Mr. "M" and I would have long conversation about "P". Mr. "M" just wanted him to graduate. Most people that knew "P" didn't think he would ever graduate, or do anything for that matter.

In November. Mr. "M" passed away suddenly. When I got the call, "P" was the first thing I thought about. I couldn't help but wonder if he would come back to school after that, but he did.

And so begins our story, a very long story. I will make it short and sweet.

I believed in this kid, I had faith in this kid, and I saw something in him. When no one else believed in him, I did, and I still do. "P" graduated on May 20, and will be going to college in the Fall. I am so proud of him for not giving up, and most importantly believing in himself.

It was a long hard journey to get him to this point, with a lot of bumps and pot holes in the road! We still have a long way to go, but the destination is worth the journey. I will be there with him every step of the way to help him reach his goals.

I am a firm believer that God takes you down certain paths for a reason. You may not always see the bigger picture, but God does. I know without a doubt that I was put there for "P".

Last Wednesday was my last day. I wanted to see "P" and the other seniors through til the end. I was able to do that, and so now I thankfully am only working one job!!! LOL!

I have A LOT of catching up to do in the garden!!! We are on our normal routine here of afternoon thunderstorms, so we are getting a lot of rain which = a lot of weeds!!!

Sapphire Sage

Butterfly Bush

Fairy Rose

Oak Leaf Hydrangea

Purple Coneflower


Lacecap Hydrangea


Bee Balm (Monarda)

Prairie Coneflower (soon to be blooming)

I have taken a ton of dragonfly pictures over the past few days! They are my favorite! I have a lot to share over the next few days...I definitely have to catch up!!

I have also been busy with other things....just not so fun things. I just found out my aunt has breast cancer (Stage 1). She is the fourth person in my immediate family to have it. My grandmother, mom, and another aunt all had it. It is disturbing! Four people!!! I am going very soon to have the genetic testing done for the breast cancer gene. Please pray for my family as we deal with this devastating disease once again.

I have missed all of you! I know some of you missed me too! I appreciate the emails! Sorry I was gone for so long! I am back now, and will be around to catch up soon! I have missed part of Bilbo's journey, and I hate that. I will catch up with him...I am sure he will understand.

Have a wonderful evening!


Hocking Hills Gardener said...

How wonderful DP. That just makes all that work worth it to see someone get helped like that. Good for you.
Just look at your blooms going on. Oh, the hydrangeas.Wow! And the butterfly bush is so pretty. Wonderful pictures of the Dragonfly. Very pretty.
So glad you are back and we missed you. Bilbo will be glad his Mommy is back LOL!

RainGardener said...

Good for you - what you did for those kids is great! You're such a winner!!! Glad your back. Your flowers look great, by the way, in spite of your weather.

donna said...

Your flowers are beautiful and you are a beautiful person. Congratulations to P and all the other students and to you on a job well done.

A nice uplifting story for me to enjoy as my day is winding down.


Meredehuit ♥ said...

A sweet story
A valiant spirit
and a lovely blog.

Thank you for sharing!

FlowerLady said...

DP ~ Bless your heart for being where you were needed. It's amazing where life will lead you at times.

Congrats to Mr. P.

Your garden blooms are wonderful.


Antique ART Garden said...

If everyone, like you, helped just ONE person for God...not ten or twenty or hundred...but one...the world would be so much better off. Thanks for this post, take care ! Gina

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

So glad to see you post. I was wondering what you'd been up to. Sounds like something very important and rewarding! I bet it was a great feeling to see all those kids, especially "P" graduate.
I'll definitely keep you in my thoughts that your testing comes back negative.
Your flowers are looking beautiful!

Darla said...

How wonderful about the graduates! Rainy afternoons here too DP. Not so good news about the BC, it's early she should be fine though. Beautiful flower photos and YES! you have been missed!!

Dirt Princess said...

Hocking Hills thank you! I have so many pictures to share, I just have to catch up!

Rain Gardener thanks! If you think my flowers look great, you should see my weeds!!! LOL!!! They are taking over!!

Donna thank you. I am glad you enjoyed it. It is quite a story...trust me!!! I will keep everyone updated on him.

Meredehuit thank you!

Flowerlady it is amazing where the roads can lead you. You just have to go with it and not fight it!

Antique Art Garden, thank you. That is very sweet. You are absolutely right.

Catherine, please do keep us in your prayers. I am nervous about the test, but it will be worth it.

Darla I have missed all if you as well! I will be back to blogging everyday. She was able to catch it early, so I am certain everything will be fine.

Lisa Blair said...

Dirt Princess, I've been wondering where you've been, but now I understand how busy you have been lately!

Thank you for sharing that uplifting story about your graduates. That's awesome!

Stephanie said...

Hi DP! thanks for sharing and posting your wonderful blooms. Love your hydrangeas. Remember to have good rest even when you are busy yeah.

Becca's Dirt said...

I have been wondering about you girl. I was about to call to check on you. I am so glad to hear about how rewarding your job was with "P" and the others. I am sure they all benefited from you being there to encourage and to assist them on their journey. Great feeling isn't it. You have some beauties blooming there. Great shot of the coneflower. Frame it. Sorry to hear about your aunt. You would be wise to have the test sweetie. Glad to have you back blogging.

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