Sunday, February 7, 2010

Visiting with Mrs. Brown

I had a wonderful visit with Mrs. Brown yesterday. Ya'll may remember Mrs. Brown, she is my 80 year old garden buddy and I often refer to her as my "garden Bible". I gave her a lot of daffodils last year, and they were blooming. I had to go check them out! Of course mine barely have buds on them....but Mrs. Brown's are blooming! Go figure! She told me that they had put ash on them earlier. Something that I have YET to do!
These were some I dug up from camp.
We never figured out the name of this particular one, so they named it after me....April. She said they just call it April's bloom!
Mrs. Brown also had a lot of Snowdrops in bloom. Appropriate since it snowed the day before!
I love the dainty green specs on them.
Her Japanese Magnolia was loaded with buds!
They have the largest camellia bushes I have ever seen, they are really more like trees! The cold had gotten most of them. I did manage to find a few photo worthy blooms!
I had planned to work in the garden this weekend, but my plans didn't quite pan out! Friday it snowed, and Saturday it was just too cold and windy. Sunday was still a bit to cold! I was ready for SPRING! I am ready for some warm weather so I can finally throw on my tank top, and flip flops and get to work!


Kim and Victoria said...

I certainly see your posts, April. But how annoying to not be able to see them yourself!

tina said...

Your posts are showing up fine. Usually if I can't see a post it is because I posted it on the wrong day or year. That doesn't seem to be the case with yours as they show to us. Hmmm. Check your view and post settings. Those camellias are awesome!

Darla said...

I have buds but no blooms on all of my Narcissus....

Nezzy said...

Oh my, tank top, shorts and flippies! How I long for working outside in the dirt. Not gonna happen for awhile. It's nineteen out right now and the snow is flying here in the Ozarks. I heard that you had more snow, you poor girl! 33 days 'till Spring...the countdown is on!

Ya'll have a richly blessed week and I sure hope your tank top comes out soon!!!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

DP it is strange that your Feb 7th posting is just now showing up.

Jennifer Frazier said...

Your daff pics are just what I needed to cheer me today! Hopefully I'll get to see similar ones in a few weeks here. Everything is behind schedule probably 2 weeks or so. Did you mean they sprinkled wood ashes around their daffodils? I tried it for the first time around my lilac bush this year to see if it would help. Interesting.

Dirt Princess said...

K&V it seems to be working fine now. I guess it worked itself out!

Tina it is working now! Guess it had a bug! LOL!

Darla I have BLOOMS!!! About to post them!

Nezzy 33 days! I cannot wait! I know you will be glad!

Hocking Hills, I don't know what was wrong

Jennifer I am glad they cheered you up! They put ashes from their fireplace on all of their bulbs! I have got to clean my fireplace out and fertilize mine. It really works wonders! I have seen the results on their flowers. They are bigger, taller, bloom earlier and have huge blooms!

Jan (Thanks For Today) said...

Hi April, Mrs Brown has gorgeous blooms...just beautiful. How I long to see them and get rid of the snow we have here in VA! It is melting though and I actually saw a couple of patches of grass yesterday! I saw where you had some, too! How exciting...especially for Tide (poor thing, scared of a little snow?!). So cute;-)

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