Sunday, February 7, 2010

Blogger Help!

Bloggers "HELP" button is ridiculous!!!! I went in and typed a question and I am hoping someone can tell me what the heck is wrong! We shall see.
Todays Blogger dilemna....
I changed my background earlier today (using my work laptop). It saved, my blog viewed properly and I thought all was well.
Then I get home, open blogger, go to view my page and it is showing the old background (bees) even though the new background is listed! UGH!!!! Auto save still isn't working.
When I try to save the new background from my home computer it won't save the changes!
The February 7th post was actually done February 14th! My date/time settings are correct.
I ran updates on my computer....I am just really aggrivated!
What is the deal?!?!?!?!?!


Ben said...

I don't see bees... do you still see bees? If so it may just be a cookies issue on your computer you still see the old background because that's what your cookies has saved?

Brooke (CreativeCountryMom) said...

I see a new background, empty your temp files and cookies, and maybe restart your computer and then see if it shows correctly then. It is frustrating....I know!

Kim and Victoria said...

That kind of stuff really IS aggravating! I don't see bees on your background, so that is good. I do however, see this post as Feb 7; not good.
I hope they respond.

Susie said...

Evidently Blogger has some issues going on. I have another blogger friend who was having trouble getting her posts up.

The only problem I seem to have right now(keeping fingers crossed) is it takes forever to log out. Who knows?!?!?

Nezzy said...

I do wish I could help but this chick isn't the brightest color in the box when it comes to the techno stuff. Now throw me in a science lab...look out baby! I've never gotten any help from blogger but I have found help on the sight (please don't take offense here) Blogging for Dummies .com. Just sayin'.

Good luck my friend and I hope ya get everything worked out.

Enjoy your blessings. :o)

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Your new background is up and the bees are gone. You are having lots of trouble there DP. Do not have a clue why it will not save for you.
The new background is really pretty!

NotSoAngryRedHead said...

I think it's an issue with your browser, not Blogger, since I don't see a background with bees.

For Firefox (example):
Go to Tools->Options
Click on Privacy
Click on Show Cookies
Click on the folder with your blog's name
Click Remove Cookies

The next time you open your blog's website, it'll take a little longer than normal to load, but that's only because some of the info is being restored to your hard drive and being "re-downloaded".

Tootsie said...

hey. any luck with this issue? I don't see bees...but I do see frustration. yesterday I couldn't get into my own comments!
Google sent out a bunch of emails a couple of weeks ago that they are not going to be compatible with older versions of internet explorer and firefox...but other than that I don't know what it could be.
I agree that the bloggers help button is a one ever answers it!

Joanne said...

Well I can't help but how interesting to hear the advice from others.
Hope you get it fixed ok.

Tom Hayward said...

They are all correct! Emptying your cookies will generally fix the problem. If you do make a change and it doesn't look like you want, go to set-up then hit edit undo until you are back where you started.

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