Friday, October 9, 2009

Fertilizer Friday

Its FRIDAY! So ya'll know what that means....Fertilizer Friday. So click on the link above to head over to Tootsie's place!
I have been INSANELY busy this week....but thats a good thing! I did manage to snap a few pictures of some flowers that are really showing off right now. My roses are doing great right now!
The Pagoda plant is finally starting to fill out! I am loving it!
It has tiny little blooms on it
Yesterday when I got home there was a package on my front door from the wonderful Miss Darla over at More Family & Flowers....
It was filled with all sorts of goodies! One being this awesome shirt that she made me! How cute is it!!!!
I also recieved some wonderful seeds.....I can't WAIT to plant them!
Some handmade soap...Pumpkin Spice of course!
A gorgeous candle....look how cute she wrapped it!
Also some tea light candles...all pumpkin spice scent as well. My shirt even came with matching socks! Love it!!!
Since we are on the subject of creativity....Tootsie has started selling her crowns! Ya'll may remember that she made me a solar light crown. Well now she is selling them!
You can click on the photo above to go visit her etsy shop, or click on the link below:
They are so cute! She has made them in tons of colors, some have jewels are on. So be sure to check them out! Hope ya'll have a great weekend!


Tootsie said...

Okay...are you the sweetest friend in the entire world or what!!! Thanks for the note on the crowns...
Your flowers are still so lovely...and I am just green with envy!!! I am frozen solid at this moment...and you are laying on beaches and sweating and pruning flowers in your garden...
One of these days, you will come home and there will be a package on your steps...(not as fabulous as the one from Darla) but a package...I might have to mail myself to you! lol (that's the only way I'll get across the border without a passport! ) lol
right now my husband is researching to see what type of area you live in...he has a bee in his bonnet to move somewhere warm! lol
you could end up with a neurotic neighbor yet!
thanks for linking in...luv you sissy!
good greif...the word verfication is "fulashit!" (man I hate those things)

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I love the Pagoda plant. I've been waiting to see what the flowers look like since you started showing the plant.
Darla is so sweet and generous! Everything is so nice. I love the shirt and soap!

Darla said...

Envious of the roses....I'm glad you liked your package I hope it made you smile. Tootsie's crowns are just wonderful aren't they? I love, love, mine!!!

Joanne said...

Gosh what a lovely parcel of goodies.

Ginger said...

That pagoda plant is cool!

How sweet of Darla to send you all those goodies!

Come check out my halloween decorations on my blog :)

Dirt Princess said... always send fabulous packages!!! You will be getting one from me soon! will be putting off babies soon. Would you like one?

Darla....a have enjoyed my soaps and candles! They are great!

Joanne...wasn't that sweet!

Ginger...I am headed your way now!

Blue Creek Home said...

Still wishin' I had a green thumb!
Love the roses.

War Eagle...we'll do better next week!

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