Sunday, October 14, 2012

Out with the Old and in with the Older!

When we moved into this house, I knew I wanted to find an old farm sink to replace the one that was there. I knew just the place to get that farm sink too! A few weeks prior to this photo I had made the trip to Andalusia, Alabama to Sweet Gum Bottom Antiques and picked up my farm sink....and a few other goodies :-). We'll get to those goodies later.

Anyway, this house was my best friends grandmas house.....and I'm pretty sure this sink was the original sink. I am also pretty sure that everyone in her family was bathed in this sink at some point and time.....or so they tell me. The sink had to go. It had done its time

Apparently it was more ready to go than I realized.....

As I was washing dishes one afternoon, I turned the hot water faucet off and it BLEW off the sink! Hot water was gushing out everywhere! I grabbed a tea pitcher and stuck over the water so it wouldn't go everywhere. My husband went to turn off the water and hmmm.....there was no emergency shut off valve. Gotta love old houses. He had to shut the water off at the main supply. It is REALLY awesome to have a husband that can fix anything and do anything....because within 45 minutes he had installed new shut off valves under the sink. He is awesome!

The handle had literally just corroded off. It had no threading left at all.

You can see how corroded it was. We went ahead and ripped it all out!

I wasn't good at photographing the new sink install.....because I was busy trying to get it in. My husband had to go in on nights that particular night so we didn't have but about an hour and half to get it all done. He had to cut the back splash out to get the new sink in. A lot of work to do in a short period of time.

So here is the new sink today. I absolutely LOOOOVE it!

I haven't done anything in the yard's hard to dig holes when you are 6 months pregnant. I am getting areas ready to make flower beds in the spring. We do have some things to start out with....

the Confederate Rose is loaded with blooms

We have several pecan trees........ 

...and have been picking up pecans by the buckets full.

I'm not sure what kind of rose this is. Is is a low bushy shrub...pretty large size. The buds are fairly small. It is really pretty though.

The bush is loaded with buds.

We also have several sasanquas and camellias. The sasanquas are also loaded with blooms.

Hopefully they will be blooming soon!

I am going to link up with Tootsie for Fertilizer Friday.....I don't have much to show for now but it's a start!


FlowerLady said...

I love your new sink! I'm thankful my husband can do so many different things around here also. It has saved us lots of money over the years.

Enjoy making your home more yours with each and every new day.


Darla said...

It's good to see you here and see your adorable home.....I want to see a photo of you and your glowing self!!!

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

BABY??? Woohoo!!! First and foremost congratulations to you and your hubs sweetie!

Girl, I love, love, love that sink. In fact...a bit jealous here. Really, it's beautiful.

Glorious flower shots. Mine have been bit badly by Jack Frost. I'm busy clearin' out the garden beds. Sad!

I plan to come back to Blogland as soon as fall harvest is over. The choppin' crew is here now choppin' the sorghum in to silage and the soybeans are a couple weeks off. I feed all the crews durin' harvest. It's unreal!

God bless and enjoy your week! :o)

Tootsie said...

it looks awesome!!! I just did my kitchen too!!! great mommy minds think alike!!! xoxo

melissa evenson said...

Wow, what a project with the new sink, I love the way it turned out. I hope your pregnancy is going well, how exciting! I am a recent follower of your blog, but nonetheless, it beautiful, so that is why I will give you a Beautiful Bloggers Award, just stop by and enjoy! Looking forward to continued reading of the Trials & Tribulations of a Southern Gardener blog.

Jen said...

Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas! Congratulations on the baby :) Hope to hear from you soon.

Tootsie said...

miss you girl..we need to catch up soon. been way too long! so proud of you and your little missy...things are sure different from when we first met.
I wanted to thank were the very first one to actually realize there was something so very wrong in my world...and you didn't hardly know are one hell of a lady...a great friend and I am sure an amazing mom!
love ya sister girl

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