Tuesday, September 27, 2011


So I've been doing some thinking....

Since I currently don't have a garden....what's the point of having a garden blog???

I have been thinking about starting a new blog called Dirt Princess. I could use it to dish dirt on numerous topics such as gardening, design, junkin', and whatever else.

Should I start a fresh new page and new blog address (which I already reserved) OR just re-name this one and keep on trucking?



Darla said...

Makes no difference to me, just as long as I have the blog address... :)

Darla said...

Where did my comment go? Just make sure I have your blog address no matter what you decide...

Lona said...

I guess it is what you feel most comfortable doing. You could just leave it as it is DP. Besides I got faith you will have your own garden again some day soon. You can still put your designing, junking, etc on here. We will follow you on any case which ever you decide.

Kim and Victoria said...

Either way works for me also. I think your current blog title would still work out; just blog about whatever you want.

Nezzy said...

I'd simply change the name and keep on truckin' baby!!!

I tell ya it truly took all day to put up my pictures yesterday. Picasa kept crashin' and in turn would lock up my computer. I finally uploaded the pictures on Photobucket and when I re-sized 'em...they diapered. Let me tell ya'll by eight thirty last night I was more than a little stressed.

Technology....great when it works!!!

God bless and I look forward to the 'new' you!!!

Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

Im with Lona. Plus we enjoy the garden tours you go visit and you take great pic's....Julian

Ginger said...

Hey girl! well you know I did start a whole new blog when clara was born (and abandoned my garden blog)... I did it bc I didn't want people who weren't interested in baby stuff to have their reader clogged up with it. In your case, your followers already enjoy a variety of posts from you and are interested in more than just you as a gardener, so I'd probably stay here.

just my two cents :)

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