Monday, August 1, 2011

Oh Autumn...Where Art Thou?

I will be sooo glad when the dog days of summer are over! It is so stinking hot! We have been getting showers most everyday, sometimes a few during the day. After it rains you better grab an oxygen mask to go outside because it is so humid you can't hardly breathe. All of these mountain climbers that want to climb Mt. Everest or any other mountain need to come here! The air is so thin and humid after a rain...they can  acclimate their lungs to the thin air just by hanging out a few days here.

It is just too dang hot to get out and do anything. I love the warm weather when its pleasant....but this isn't the pleasant kind. This is the heat stroke kind. I will be glad when we get our 2 days of Fall here. I say 2 days...but its literally more like 12 days. We have a very short cool snap here.
It is beyond enjoyable during those few weeks though.

 I am ready to put on my jeans and boots!!! I am ready for pumpkins, fall decor, harvest scents, crisp cool air...and hunting season ;-). I am ready to have good hair days!!!! My hair is fantastic when it is below 82 degrees!!!! If its above that, then its usually in a ponytail!

But the garden loves these dog days.......

It is full of life

It would be nice to kick back in these chairs and enjoy a nice book, but the pages would be soaked with sweat.

Butterfly Weed (Milkweed)

Black Eyed Susan

Angel Trumpets

Phlox with a Gloriosa Lily in foreground


Crinum Lily

Coleus hanging out in the Radio Flyer

Withered Sunflower cooked in the summer sun...the other bright and cheerful

Limelight Hydrangea showing signs of antiquing


 Victoria Blue Salvia

Black Eyed Susan


Last but not least....this ain't no Georgia peach!!! The Hydrangea Queen bought this peach from the local fruit stand. Looks like it has a conjoined twin!!!!

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Lona said...

Ugh! I know what you mean about breathing steam. This has been a wild year so far. The Queens garden is looking so pretty thorough all of this heat. I love her Gloriosa lily. Mine is just starting to grow. Silly thing. LOL! That is one huge coleus in the wagon. So pretty. Stay cool my friend.

Karen said...

Yes, this weather is just plain gettin' old. I hate to say it, but snow is looking pretty good right about now. Your garden is so beautiful, so many flowers and colors, love it!

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