Monday, July 23, 2012

Settling In

Ya'll don't fall out in the floor.......I'm sure some of you see this in your blog feed and thought I had fell off the face of the earth. I know it has been a looooong time since I did a post. Numerous reasons I haven't been no particular order:

1) Moving is hard work
2) Unpacking is hard work
3) I'm having a baby with the most amazing man in the world ( the amazing man is NOT hard work)
4) Baking a baby is hard work (atleast the tired part of the first trimester)
5) Moving, unpacking and baking a baby is hard work all at the same time, but the amazing man makes it so much better :-)

So as you can see I have a lot going on. A lot of wonderful, amazing things. 

Let's take a look at our house BEFORE we moved in....of course it looks NOTHING like this now. 

The house is an old house, and sits on several acres. It was my best friends grandmas house. I ate many a dinner in this house. Never thought that I would eventually live here with the love of my life and raise my first child here.

This is the living room (above). It has knotty pine paneling, and hard wood floors. All original to the house. My first plan was to paint the knotty pine walls....but I opted out of that. Once you paint them, you can never go back. So for now, they are au natural!

The living room is long and narrow. I removed all the old draperies and blinds. They were old and had seen their better days.

This is the view of the kitchen from the living was a wee bit dated.

The cabinets were dark, it was gloomy. It wasn't me.

The kitchen is pretty small so the old owners added this bar so they would have more counter space. Beside the fact that I hated it, and had a plan for the space.....and it blocked valuable cabinet space.

See that's GAS and weLOOOOVE  IT!!!!! If you cook on gas you know what I am talking about. I can NEVER go back to electric.

Here is the view from the kitchen sink looking back into the living room.

When we moved in....I didn't know I was pregnant. I had big plans for this room. One of those big plans being to paint it!!!! Well....needless to say it won't get painted now until we find out what we are having. Daddy is hoping it stays blue.

This room was the original dining room and the cabinets were added for  storage. Trust me when I tell you that they are FULL!

This is our bathroom....and it is the only bathroom. I do miss my tub....BUT I think about everything else I have....and who needs a tub!

This is the third bedroom and yes that is an electrical panel on the wall. It is a PAIN to try to cover up!!!!

This is the master bedroom. Every room (even the bathroom) has a ceiling fan. I loooove ceiling fans so that was good for me. I originally HATED the sight of this fan. It is the UGLIEST fan in the history of fans. is the most AWESOME fan ever. It has 5 settings...and should you ever have a need to turn it on will probably end up in Oz. That thing can put out some air!!!!! We leave it on 2...and it works better on 2 than most fans on high. So ugly fan is far more functional than any other fan you could buy today.

All the wood floors are original to the house. I absolutely love them and they are in excellent shape. I think they were covered with carpet for a long time.

The house looks totally different now. We have done a lot of work, and we have a lot more we want to do.

We have HUGE yard. There are already some huge azaleas, camellias, gardenia, wisteria, and pecan trees. I have a really good foundation to start with in the garden. I am waiting for it to cool off a bit before I start. I want to at least start making flower beds so come Fall I will be ready to plant.

We have a huge blueberry and fig tree. I made blueberry and fig preserves. They were running out of our ears we had so many. Not to mention all the bags we have in the freezer.

It is just a beautiful, old, simple, little country house. I couldn't ask for more. I have all I have ever wanted. An amazing man, a good job, a little house in the country and soon a sweet precious baby.

It is so NICE to have a man that helps you around the house, knows how to fix things, wants to do things and fix the yard up, help you garden, and helps you around the house...I know I said that twice...but it is soooo nice. It sure makes life easier. I was used to doing EVERYTHING by myself for so many years. I have had to get used to having someone who wants to do for me.

I have had the best pregnancy so far. I haven't been sick at all. No morning sickness, nothing. Amazing. I am sooo thankful for that too! I breezed through the first trimester. We'll see how the other two go  :-)

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